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RCN is an open global credit network
that connects creditors, financial institutions,
fintech companies and decentralized finance service
providers on the blockchain, to create frictionless,
transparent and borderless debt markets.

Global Lending

With multiple currencies to choose from,
highly competitive interest rates and versatile risk management options,
lending is now one of the smartest use cases for cryptocurrencies.

Debt Markets

With borderless liquidity,
flexible debt products and plug-and-play integrations,
getting funding is now easier than ever before.


In an increasingly globalized world, RCN harnesses blockchain technology to bridge credit’s supply and demand across borders, creating a new ecosystem for decentralized debt products.


The decentralized marketplace allows lenders to reach the most profitable debt markets around the world, no matter where they are.


The network connects credit markets’ stakeholders with key decentralized finance service providers, including ID verifiers, scoring agents and exchanges.


The platform provides financial institutions, fintech lending companies and blockchain startups with access to global credit supply in crypto and fiat currencies.


Originators are the key providers of lending opportunities on the RCN network. With borderless liquidity, flexible debt products and plug-and-play integrations, getting funding is now easier than ever before for them.

Globally Liquid

By accessing global credit supply, Originators can get funding at affordable rates regardless of their local APR.

Term Flexible

Debt products can be customized to fit each Originator’s required amount, currency, APR, LTV and maturity, among other parameters.

Plug & Play

The RCN protocol allows Originators to get integrated using a simple SDK and without requiring any previous blockchain experience.


Either they belong to the traditional finance world, the fintech industry or the blockchain ecosystem, the decentralized marketplace supports the funding needs of every kind of Originator.


On the decentralized marketplace financial institutions can offer their issued loans to Creditors from around the world, removing them from their balance sheets and earning liquidity.


RCN allows fintech lending companies the possibility to access blockchain-based global debt markets, without dealing with the complexities of distributed ledger technologies.


By integrating themselves to the network, blockchain startups can provide their users with liquidity during crypto bear markets or enable them to perform leveraged operations.

Meet the Decentralized Marketplace

RCN credit marketplace is mounted on top of a state-of-the-art decentralized application (dApp), which combines the usual tools and features of digital lending platforms with all the transparency and security of the blockchain.

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Sebastian Serrano

Founder & CEO

Luciana Gruszeczka

Compliance Officer

Andres Fleischer

Operations for LatAm & COO

Eugenio Cocimano

Actuary & Data Scientist

Melody Bohn


Juan Mendez

Head of Marketing

Bruno Acorsi

Head of Operations & Admin

RCN Core Developers

Agustin Aguilar

CTO & Lead developer

Ignacio Perez Roca

Frontend & dApp developer

Gonzalo Fernandez

Backend & SDK developer

Victor Fage

Smart contracts developer

Camila De La Serna

Frontend & dApp developer

Nicolas Menendez

Smart contracts developer

Joaquin Pablo Gonzalez

Smart contracts & SDK developer


Sergio Demian Lerner

Co-founder & Chief Scientist
at RSK Labs

Juan Llanos

Fintech & Regtech Lead
at Consensys

Jeff Stewart

Co-founder & Chairman
at Lenddo

Steven Nerayoff

Ethereum ICO Architect and CEO Alchemist


Kyber Network
Ethereum Enterprise

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